Zoe calls insanity on this one.
May 11, 2008

Well, my week in review:

*I wandered downtown in a 1940s ball gown, explaining to every staring bystander that I was not crazy, but on my way to rehearsal. Then an old lady yelled at me in Spanish. Now, I don’t speak much Spanish, but from what I gathered, she thought I was a spirit and was attempting to banish me back to my own time. Hence the spit on my shoe.

*I had a killer rehearsal. Everything went almost exactly according to plan, save for a very awkward scene in which Sally Bowles forgot her lines completely. But we restarted and all was well. It’s an honor, you know, playing the same character on stage in this production of Cabaret as Lotte Lenya once did. I’ll make that old diva proud.

*Interesting little moment while watching Planet of the Ood:

[Ood singing]
Me: Ow, my head.
The Doctor: Ow, my head.

Me: [rubs head]
The Doctor: [rubs head]

And even later:
Me: Where’s my Sonic Screwdriver, I wonder.
The Doctor: [pulls out Sonic Screwdriver]

Ahhh, life is weird.

I’ve temporarily lost laptop privileges. Okay, so maybe I might have broken a hinge on the screen…
In any event, I’m banished to the backroom computer for a while. Siigh. I guess it’s a step up from no cell phone, no use of any computer, and no Doctor Who until after graduation on the 22nd, however. So I’m fine with that.

Anyhow. I advise you not to read the next chapter until after you’ve read at least two back. It will be to your benefit.