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Craziness, I says. Craziness!
May 18, 2008

Cabaret went very well! I got some very positive responses and my monologue killed. If you want to see pictures/videos from the show, add me on MySpace at . Make sure you tell me you read the Blue Box, though!

I graduate this week. Wa-hey. Should be great. I guess. Except that one of my best friends was named Valedictiorian and I have to admit, I’m a wee bit jealous.


Ah well.

Anyone know how long it takes a David Tennant fan letter to get a response? Just wondering.


Anyway, here you go.


Return to Gallifrey, Chapter 12
April 14, 2008

“This way,” said Aloysius airily as they traipsed though the daytime jungle, “It’s much quicker.”

The Doctor glared. “Are you insane?” he wanted to know, “Do you know what lives that way?”

“What, Doctor?” queried Martha nervously.

“Don’t be stupid,” snarled Aloysius, “they don’t come out during the day.”

What don’t come out during the day?” asked Martha again, growing anxious.

“Puh!” snorted the Doctor, “Don’t you remember what happened to Charlie?”

Having had quite enough, Martha stopped abruptly in her tracks. Facing both of them, she near-bellowed, “What’s in there, who’s Charlie, and why the hell aren’t you telling me anything?”

Both men fell silent. “Sorry, Martha,” said the Doctor sheepishly.”

Tell me what’s going on!” she snapped in reply.

The Doctor sighed and fidgeted with his collar for a moment. “Well…might as well prepare you for the worst…”

“Nonsense,” interrupted Aloysius, “You’ll frighten the young lady!”

“Excuse me, but I think I can handle it,” spat Martha in disgust. “Now, Doctor, what were you saying?”

The Doctor sighed. “What’s in there is a horde of Taclydia. Now, my thickheaded friend over here says that they don’t come out during the day, but I’m not too sure…”

“Ugh,” Martha shuddered, “Do I even want to know what they are?”

He smiled grimly. “Oh, believe me. You’ll know them when you see them.”

As if in reply, a loud shriek rattled the trees around them. The air was suddenly alive with ferocious winds, and the ground seemed to shake.

They don’t come out during the day!” mocked the Doctor coldly.

“Oh, save your high-horsery and run for it!” shouted Aloysius, who had already departed the scene, over his shoulder.

The trio dashed through the jungle as the gigantic, reptilian creature zoomed overhead, screeching madly.

“Keep running,” panted the Doctor, as if they had a choice, “because there’s a hell of a lot more where that came from!”

He was right. Following the first Taclydian were two more, possibly even larger in size. Suddenly, the Doctor had an idea. “Duck!” he shouted. Even Aloysius obeyed without question, the Doctor’s presence was so commanding. Amazingly, the Taclydia seemed to have lost track of them. Vexed, they soared away.

“Why…” Martha wheezed, “why did they just leave us alone like that?”

Having regained his breath much more quickly than his friends, the Doctor promptly explained. “Taclydia,” he informed them, “can’t see anything more than fifty feet below them. If you figure each of our heights–” he paused, then smirked slightly at Aloysius, “–actually, Al…it’s just you. You’re six feet, two inches, and exactly–” he pulled his Sonic Screwdriver out of his coat pocket, scanning Aloysius from poll to toe, “forty-five millimeters tall, which puts you at precisely forty-nine feet and eleven inches below the monsters!”

“That’s absurd!” said the Decori anxiously, “Surely a Taclydian’s senses aren’t that–

“They’re exactly that sensitive,” snapped the Doctor, “Now, if you want any of us to survive, you’ll be snaking along the jungle floor for the duration of our journey through our journey through this Godforsaken area that you selected!”

Aloysius opened his mouth to argue, but the Doctor appeared so stern that he thought it best not to argue and began to crawl.

The Doctor seemed to relish this as they traveled through the Taclydian territory. Martha even thought she saw him suppress a laugh after a quick glance at their floor-bound companion.

Aloysius, though he was without dignity, smiled to himself.

Life happens.
April 8, 2008

Sorry for the delay. Hey Mikey, I just noticed the WP Permalink function. Niiice.

Anyhow, as I say, life happens. I had to deal with the AIMS tests and such, and frankly, TBB was not the first thing on my mind :-S.

But whatever. It’s all good now. Read on!

Return to Gallifrey, Chapter 10
April 1, 2008

“You’re right,” Aloysius said with an indifferent sigh, “I wouldn’t. Because, as I believe I stated previously, I’ve no desire to harm you, not anymore. What’s done is done. And, I suppose…” he grimaced, “I’ve committed my fair share of…atrocities, as well.”

The Doctor glared. “You certainly did,” he growled, “How did you get here, anyway? And why should I believe that you won’t be committing anymore?”

“Stolen technology,” said Aloysius airily, “I stole it from the Time Lords on my way out. One of those atrocities you mentioned. But I’ve been reformed. I wish to return this to the Citadel–” he indicated a near-microscopic button on his cuff link, which the Doctor recognized as an inferior method of Time Travel–even more risky than his faulty Type 40 TARDIS, “–and pay my dues, riding out the war like a man. And my survival will be based on honor, and…” he glared at the Doctor pointedly, “not how quickly I could escape.”

A flash of anger came over the Doctor and he was all set to lunge at his enemy, but he managed to restrain himself and listen to the rest of the Decori’s speech.

“I know where you’re going,” he said in a barely audible whisper, “to fix your beloved TARDIS. But…” he gazed directly into the Doctor’s eyes. The Doctor was suddenly paralyzed, unable to break Aloyisius’ stare. Fight, he thought, break his gaze. Don’t let him overpower you…resist…fight…

“I want to go with you,” said Aloysius, still fixated upon him, “and I’m afraid I’ll be unable to release you unless you agree. I can be of great assistance to you and your friend, for I know every twist and turn of this planet. Now, Doctor, what say you?”

The Doctor finally realized he was powerless. “I agree,” he whispered, defeated. Aloysius broke his gaze, and the Doctor was thrown back with great force, landing several feet away. “But,” he said more strongly, getting to his feet and crossing over to where the Decori stood, “if there is any funny business…if you lay a finger on so much as a hair on her head…”

“I have seen your wrath, Doctor,” replied Aloysius sagely, “and I wish not to incur it once more.”

He extended his hand. The Doctor paused. An aching silence filled the air as he tried to figure some way out of this. Coming up empty, he shook it.

“Now then!” he said, falsely cheerful, “Let’s find Martha, shall we?”

Well no WONDER!
April 1, 2008

I didn’t realize I’d left all of your beautiful faces alone for nearly a week! Shame, shame.I’ve got little to say except that I’ve decided to shut the Blue Box down. It’s been a real tax upon me and I’m fresh out of ideas!


April fool’s! 😉

 Aw, I’m sorry. Did I scare you?

Here, have a new chapter.

Return to Gallifrey, Chapter 9
March 26, 2008

“Aloysius!” the Doctor gasped, “what the hell are you doing here?”

The man looked nearly normal to the human eye–a tall man, he stood about 6’2”, with jet-black hair and a trim figure. His eyes, however, were extraordinary–blue green with golden undertones that shone in the Gallifreyan moonlight.

Eyes like that might have caused a human to stop and stare for a moment–but to the Doctor, they were the mark of a great enemy.

“My Decori friend,” he said in a low voice, “come back for more, have you? Well, listen up. I have a friend about a quarter-mile back who heard you rustling about over here, and do you know what?” he glared at the man with venom and quieted his voice to a whisper, “I’m not leaving until I can truthfully tell her that there’s nothing here. Leave, Aloysius, before I have to force you out.”

Aloysius smiled grotesquely. “No need for alarm, Doctor,” he said coolly, “I come in peace. Why don’t I tell you a little story?”

“I haven’t time for such nonsense,” spat the Doctor, “now, I don’t mean to be an ungracious host, but get the hell out!”

“Oh, please, Doctor,” said Aloysius with a huge false smile, “it’s a real good one! Now then. Years ago, after you saw me for…well, what you thought was the last time, I suppose…”

It was true, the Doctor decided, that he had been foolish to presume that Aloysius would never return. But it had been every man for himself back then…no looking back…no time to see if they were really dead…

“The Last Great Time War,” murmured Aloysius, “It was an earlier battle, Doctor, it’s true. But damned if I don’t remember how you left me out there, out there to die!”

“It was a war,” he spat.

“Indeed,” Aloysius replied shortly, “but prior to that war, wasn’t I one of your best and dearest friends? And you left me for dead. Tell me, Doctor, does your friend out there know that other secret you’ve been keeping about the war?”

The Doctor’s eyes grew wide. “You wouldn’t dare…” he hissed.

March 26, 2008


(again…kudos to whoever gets the Who reference :-P)

So, I’ve hit 700 views. Excellent. I love you all. Really. I do.

And…by God. I’ve actually got no witty introduction or anecdote this week :-S.

Except that I’ve been listening to a lot of Kaiser Chiefs. And I love it.

So, without further ado, I give you Chapter 9!

Why? Because I’m INSANE!
March 23, 2008

Kudos to whoever got the Who reference there ;-).

Anyway, I’m insane because what was formerly known as Zoe’s Doctor Who Fan Fics underwent a huge redesign. It is now known as The Blue Box!

It came to me in a dream.

So, don’t worry! You’re on the right site. I promise.

No new chapter yet, though, folks. Mama’s been busy.

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Return to Gallifrey, Chapter 8
March 22, 2008

“Doctor,” Martha hissed through the darkness.

It was night time now, and the desert landscape had returned, sand glinting in the moonlight. She crept over to where the Doctor lay gazing up at the stars.

He appeared not to have heard her.

“Doctor,” she said again, a little louder this time.

“Hmm?” he said, sitting up abruptly, “Sorry…” he stared off into space a moment longer, then smiled at Martha. “Just been…thinking, I suppose. Anyway. What’s up?”

Martha looked at him, worried. “I…thought I heard something. Back there a ways. I’m sure it’s nothing, but…”

“Don’t be too sure of anything around here,” said the Doctor grimly. He sighed. “Stay here. I’ll be back shortly.”

“Shouldn’t I go with…” began Martha, but the Doctor was already shaking his head.

“No, I need you to stay here and keep watch for me while I’m gone. It’s probably just a steebwidle or something, but we can’t be taking any chances.”

“Er…a what?”

“Nevermind,” said the Doctor abysmally, “just stay where you are. Back in a few.”

He then stood up and dashed off in the general direction Martha had indicated, wondering what could possibly be lurking around this time of night that made any sort of noise perceptible to humans. He’d been so lost in his analysis of the Gallifreyan wildlife that he failed to notice a loose shoelace on his right trainer. Suddenly, he tripped on the loose lace and fell forward, giving a little shout as he hit the earth below him.

He took a moment to recover from the shock of the fall. When he looked up, however, a shadow was looming over him.

“Hello, Doctor,” said a voice he recognized painfully, “haven’t seen you in quite some time, now have I?”

Hello, all
March 14, 2008

Hey folks. Before I present you with this week’s chapter of Return to Gallifrey, I’d like to share some Doctor Who-related news.

My friend Kassie and I were walking one day recently, having 30 extra minutes to kill, and we both stopped in our tracks all when we saw something…odd.

A British phone box was sitting in the middle of the street.
We live in Tucson, for God’s sake!

“Gah…um…what?” I said, feeling the sides of the strange object.
“That’s so weird…” said Kassie, “I mean…that wasn’t there before, now, was it?”
“Maybe it’s the TARDIS,” she said, laughing.
“Nah. It’s pink. Wait a second…”

I took out my Sonic Screwdriver (YES, I carry one with me. Shut up!) and chipped away at a small section of crumbling paint.

The paint that came off onto the tip of the screwdriver was BLUE. Mmhmm.
Plus, the instructions on it were for, quote, “A BLUE POLICE PHONE BOX as provided by BRITISH TELECOM”.

I opened the door to it, naturally, but there was nothing inside but a sack of dirt.

Disheartened, I walked away.

“Wait, Zoe,” said Kassie hopefully, “Maybe the Doctor turned it off! Like he’s planning to stay for a while? I mean…there’s no phone inside it…”

I smiled. “Maybe so,” I said with a grin, “maybe so.”

It was good fun, good fun.

Anyway, now here’s Chapter five!