Return to Gallifrey, Chapter 9

“Aloysius!” the Doctor gasped, “what the hell are you doing here?”

The man looked nearly normal to the human eye–a tall man, he stood about 6’2”, with jet-black hair and a trim figure. His eyes, however, were extraordinary–blue green with golden undertones that shone in the Gallifreyan moonlight.

Eyes like that might have caused a human to stop and stare for a moment–but to the Doctor, they were the mark of a great enemy.

“My Decori friend,” he said in a low voice, “come back for more, have you? Well, listen up. I have a friend about a quarter-mile back who heard you rustling about over here, and do you know what?” he glared at the man with venom and quieted his voice to a whisper, “I’m not leaving until I can truthfully tell her that there’s nothing here. Leave, Aloysius, before I have to force you out.”

Aloysius smiled grotesquely. “No need for alarm, Doctor,” he said coolly, “I come in peace. Why don’t I tell you a little story?”

“I haven’t time for such nonsense,” spat the Doctor, “now, I don’t mean to be an ungracious host, but get the hell out!”

“Oh, please, Doctor,” said Aloysius with a huge false smile, “it’s a real good one! Now then. Years ago, after you saw me for…well, what you thought was the last time, I suppose…”

It was true, the Doctor decided, that he had been foolish to presume that Aloysius would never return. But it had been every man for himself back then…no looking back…no time to see if they were really dead…

“The Last Great Time War,” murmured Aloysius, “It was an earlier battle, Doctor, it’s true. But damned if I don’t remember how you left me out there, out there to die!”

“It was a war,” he spat.

“Indeed,” Aloysius replied shortly, “but prior to that war, wasn’t I one of your best and dearest friends? And you left me for dead. Tell me, Doctor, does your friend out there know that other secret you’ve been keeping about the war?”

The Doctor’s eyes grew wide. “You wouldn’t dare…” he hissed.


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  1. Just caught this part. Intrigued enough to read the rest. 🙂

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