Hello, all

Hey folks. Before I present you with this week’s chapter of Return to Gallifrey, I’d like to share some Doctor Who-related news.

My friend Kassie and I were walking one day recently, having 30 extra minutes to kill, and we both stopped in our tracks all when we saw something…odd.

A British phone box was sitting in the middle of the street.
We live in Tucson, for God’s sake!

“Gah…um…what?” I said, feeling the sides of the strange object.
“That’s so weird…” said Kassie, “I mean…that wasn’t there before, now, was it?”
“Maybe it’s the TARDIS,” she said, laughing.
“Nah. It’s pink. Wait a second…”

I took out my Sonic Screwdriver (YES, I carry one with me. Shut up!) and chipped away at a small section of crumbling paint.

The paint that came off onto the tip of the screwdriver was BLUE. Mmhmm.
Plus, the instructions on it were for, quote, “A BLUE POLICE PHONE BOX as provided by BRITISH TELECOM”.

I opened the door to it, naturally, but there was nothing inside but a sack of dirt.

Disheartened, I walked away.

“Wait, Zoe,” said Kassie hopefully, “Maybe the Doctor turned it off! Like he’s planning to stay for a while? I mean…there’s no phone inside it…”

I smiled. “Maybe so,” I said with a grin, “maybe so.”

It was good fun, good fun.

Anyway, now here’s Chapter five!


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