Return to Gallifrey, Chapter 1

“Martha! Martha!” the Doctor shrieked. The TARDIS’s sirens blared full-blast and a computerized voice repeated, “Danger. Danger. Emergency crash landing: initiated.”

“Martha!”cried the Doctor once more, “Listen to me! I need you to latch onto me and for the love of God don’t let go! Do you hear me?”

Martha ran over and latched her arms tightly around the Doctor’s torso. “Don’t…let…go…” hissed the Doctor through gritted teeth, as he concentrated with every ounce of strength he had on rooting himself to the floor of the TARDIS. “Emergency crash landing: imminent,” it informed them.

Martha shut her eyes firmly and tightened her grip around the Doctor, his two hearts beating in time with her own. It didn’t matter how much she loved or trusted the Doctor–it was times like this, when they were seconds from death, when she cursed herself for ever following him in the first place. It was a mad thing to do, really–to follow a man in a big blue box who claimed he could show her the universe. But there was something about him that she had trusted–something she couldn’t quite place. And so she had followed him. But where was she now? Spiraling at some ungodly speed towards a fiery death.

No, she thought, this is the Doctor we’re talking about, here. He’s not let us down yet. And I’m sure the TARDIS has seen worse.

As if he had read her thoughts, the Doctor suddenly spoke. “We’re going to be fine, Martha,” he whispered. “We’ve pulled through worse, this old box and me. Don’t worry.” Before Martha could respond, the TARDIS interjected, “Crash landing: 10 seconds.” It was the longest 10 seconds of her life. Holding on tighter than ever before, she braced herself for the crash. Red lights flashed all around her and the sirens screamed even louder.“Doctor,” she whispered, “there’s something I need to tell you, in case we don’t make it. I–”“Nonsense,” laughed the Doctor, “of course we’ll make it!”As he said those words, the TARDIS suddenly collided with the earth below with an ear-shattering bang. The Doctor, unable to focus any longer, collapsed forward, dragging Martha down with him.

“Martha? Are you alright?” asked the Doctor, staggering to his feet. He extended his hand. She took it.

“Yeah,” she said, “fine. Where are we?”

The Doctor threw open the doors of the TARDIS. Martha’s eyes opened wide.

“Gallifrey,” said the Doctor.


3 Responses

  1. This is a good start. Good effort and I’ll try to read on. Keep with it 🙂

    I found this site, by the way, using a wordpress search on Doctor Who.

  2. You rock! (and I’ve only read Chapter1)
    I write Doctor Who stories, but not on my blog-yours are way better, seriously! Thank you for commenting on my blog by the way!
    gallifreyangeek 🙂

  3. Where’s Chapter 2?

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